Reporting in Cubit Select

Cubit Select enables you to report on your information in a range of different ways, so you can present your work at a high level, or in greater detail.   

Generate an overview of your quotes side-by-side against your estimate for each Trade Package, with the Trade Summary of Supplier Rates and Totals Report.  Compare totals across all your quotes against your estimate and picked totals, with the Manual Adjustment Summary Report.

See the suppliers and contacts for every quote for each Trade Package in a job, with the List of Suppliers Report.  You can even report on the notes added to your job, so you can make sure you don’t miss any important comments you or your team have left.

There is a whole range of different reports, and each can be exported to PDF or Excel, to use as you need.

Cubit Select is developed by MiTek, a global leader in the construction industry; supplying software, engineered products, services, innovative structural connections, and automated manufacturing equipment. 

Learn more about Cubit Select, book a demonstration, and start a free trial at

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