Analysing your Data in Cubit Select

Cubit Select empowers you to take control of your data, and get the valuable insights you need to make the right decisions. 

Itemized comparisons allow you to compare quotes from your suppliers side-by-side against your estimate, and specially developed insights such as opportunities and differences, allow you to easily review your picked rates and interpret your data. 

Confidently identify risk areas by using plugs to insert temporary or alternate rates or fill from your estimate or other suppliers’ quotes; and with tools like average cost and cheapest cost, determine where you can maximize your opportunities to save and make more money. 

Cubit Select is developed by MiTek, a global leader in the construction industry; supplying software, engineered products, services, innovative structural connections, and automated manufacturing equipment.

Learn more about Cubit Select, book a demonstration, and start a free trial at

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