Importing Cubit Estimating Jobs

Cubit Estimating generates a .CBX file type when a Job is Exported from Cubit Manager

For more information on how to export a Cubit job, click here.

These file types can be imported to Cubit Estimating's Job Manager by doing the following:

1. Open Cubit to the Job Manager window.

2. Click and select a Project to import the Jobs into.


Fig 1. Select Project

3. Click Import from the toolbar.


Fig 2, Import

4. Navigate and select the folder location where your.CBX files are stored and click OK.


Fig 3. Select .CBX folder location

5. The Import Jobs window will appear, listing the.CBX jobs found in the selected folder location. Tick the job/s you wish to import and click Import.


Fig 3. Select .CBX folder location

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