Job Revisions in Cubit Estimating

Feature Availability: Version 10 and above

Plan Revisions can only be added while a job is in Job Revision

1. From the Home tab, click Begin Revision


Fig 1. Begin Job Revision

 2. Type the Revision name and click OK.


Fig 2. Revision Name

A new Revisions Manage tab will be displayed. This will only be available while the job is in Revisions state.


Fig 3. Revisions Manage tab

Adding a plan for Revision

1. From the Manage tab, click Add on the Plan Change ribbon.


Fig 4. Add Plan Change

2. In the Open window, locate and select the revised plan you want to use. Click Open.

3. Tick the page to insert and select the Plan to revise from the drop-down menu. Click OK.


Fig 5. Select PDF pages

 When a revised 2D plan is imported into your estimate, the Viewport pane will highlight the difference between the original and revised plan. Added elements not in the original plan will appear in green, while removed elements will appear in red. Unchanged elements of takeoff will appear in grey. 

 Note: These colours are valid for plans inserted as Vector only and can be specified in Cubit Option’s Viewport screen. For more information on how to do this please refer to our Plan Revision and Aligning

mceclip5.pngFig 6. Revised Plan

In the Plans pane, you can manage both the original plan and revised plan, select the eye beside either plan to toggle viewing it on the Viewport pane.


Fig 7. Revised Plan

Remove a Plan Change

2D Plan Changes can be individually removed by clicking the Remove button under the Plan Change group in the Manage tab. This button is only enabled if there are 2D Plan Revisions in the job.

Fig 8. Remove Plan Change

Note: Removing a Plan Change removes the current revision of an open Plan and reverts it back to the previous version. This will not revert any changes to the takeoff since the Revision was added.

Edit existing shapes and Finalise Job Revision

1. Edit existing shapes if needed. For more information on how to edit existing shapes, click here

2. To save the Plan Change, from the Manage tab, click Finalise in the Job Revision group.

Fig 9. Finalise 

3. Click Finalise Anyway to save changes and complete Job Revision.


Fig 10. Finalise Job Revision

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