Aligning Revised Plans

Plan Revision:

Plan Revisions allows you to import revised plans and compare the differences between the plans. It makes viewing changes like walls, floor space or openings easy to do.


Align Plan:

Sometimes you would see the plans are a bit off and not properly aligned above each other. In such a case, you can use the Align Option to overlap the plans correctly.

Note:  The different colours of the take-off will be displayed on Vector plan types only. In Raster plan types the take-off will be displayed in Grey colour.

Fig 1. Unaligned Plans

1. In the Plans ribbon, click on the Align button.


Fig 2. Align 

2. Pick 2 Node points on the plan which is off.


Fig 3. Original Takeoff position

3. Select 2 more points on the plan, where the first chosen Line needs to be moved to.

Fig 4. Final Take ff position

The Plan will now be aligned and overlapping with each other more accurately.

Fig 5. Aligned Plan

4. Finalise to save the revision.


Fig 6. Finalise Job Revision


Move / Relocate Shapes on a Plan

How To Edit Existing Shapes

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