Migrate a Cubit Estimating Fixed Licence

A Cubit Estimating Fixed licence can be only be activated and used on one computer at a time. This licence type is best for users who do not need to share the licence with other users or across any other computers in the office often. Cubit Estimating is installed and registered on the computer using the fixed licence and cannot be deactivated without uninstalling the software.

If you wish to move your Cubit Estimating Fixed licence and migrate your Cubit Estimating data to another computer, please do the following:

1. Update Cubit Estimating version

Product Updates will have installation links for the latest version of Cubit Estimating.

Note: Please make sure to validate the Cubit Estimating Version you are entitled to before updating the software.

2. Create a Database backup

Create a database backup from your machine or server. Exporting database copies all jobs, price lists, group codes and plans.

a) You can export a database in the Cubit Estimating Management Console. This can be found in the directory where you installed Cubit Estimating. EG C:\Program Files\Buildsoft\Cubit Estimating.

You can find it by right-clicking your Cubit Estimating desktop icon and selecting Open file location.


Fig 1. Open File Location

b) Find Cubit Management.exe and right-click the icon. Select Run as administrator.

c) Click Configure from the Cubit Estimating Management Console.



Fig 2. Configure backup

d) Click Configure.

This opens a Backup settings window. Here you can specify the following options which will need to be set up for a backup to be taken correctly.

  • PostgreSQL install directory: The PostgreSQL install path on the 64-bit machine needs to be set to C:\Program Files\Postgresql\9.2\bin. If you are using a 32-bit machine the location will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Postgresql\9.2\bin.
  • Backup directory: The Backup directory can be set any desired accessible location.
  • Number of Backups: This number specifies the No of Old Backups to be kept in the backup location. In the below example, the older backups are removed to ensure that there is always only 6 Backup files saved. 
  • Schedule Backups: Set Frequency and date-time for the backup to run automatically. It is important to make sure the computer is available for the Backups to run at that specified time.
    Note: These settings are not needed to be saved when moving to a new computer.

Fig 3. Backup settings

e) On the main Cubit Estimating Management console, click Backup to manually Backup the Database. Note:  This may take some time, depending on the size of your Cubit Estimating data.

f) You will be notified when the backup is completed successfully, click Close to finish.


3. Uninstall Cubit Estimating

Once you have a backup of your jobs, uninstall Cubit Estimating.

a) Right mouse click on the Windows start icon and look for Apps and Features


Fig 4. Add or remove programs

b) Locate and select Cubit Estimating from the program list and click Uninstall.


Fig 5. Uninstall Cubit Estimating

c) Windows will alert you that it and its info will be uninstalled. Click Uninstall.  Windows will now uninstall Cubit Estimating from your machine.



Fig 6. Alert Uninstall

 4. Install Cubit Estimating on a new computer

On your replacement machine install the same installation files as what was used in Step 1 of this guide.

Note: It is important that the same version of Cubit Estimating is used to restore a database backup.

5. Restore Database backup

a) On the new Cubit Estimating computer, open Cubit Estimating Management Console as per step 2 of this guide.

b) Click Restore.

c) Click Browse to locate the Cubit Estimating database backup file.

d) You will be notified on completion of the process.

This completes the data migration for stand-alone installations.


 Fig 7. Restore Backup

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